Rental Housing

Quality housing that is safe and affordable is critical to achieving stability for many low-income families. That’s the biggest takeaway in the story of Rita and her daughter, Kerika, who live in one of Movin’ Out’s rental homes.

Seeking a Safe and Stable Place to Raise a Family

Rita was born and raised in Mississippi but spent many summers working in Madison as a young adult; Kerika was born during one of those Madison summers. Rita and Kerika moved to Memphis in 2007 but struggled with living in a violent neighborhood where they did not feel safe. Rita found it extremely difficult to access the supportive services that her daughter needed. This prompted her decision to move to Madison in 2014 to find a safer and more stable situation for her family.

“We started out from scratch again,” says Rita of their permanent move to Madison. It was a “godsend” to hear about Movin’ Out from a friend.


Housing is Just One Piece of a Complex Puzzle

With a safe yet affordable place to live, Rita was able to put together all the pieces of Kerika’s support system. Now Kerika participates in Community Support Network’s programs, works part time at the Waisman Center, and receives additional support from Community Living Alliance.

“It’s a quiet neighborhood and Movin’ Out takes good care of our home. I don’t have the worry and stress I used to have,” says Rita about their living situation. “I couldn’t ask for a better spot. We are blessed.”