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Movin' Out helps develop Royster Corners housing project

Movin' Out’s “triple bottom line”
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Movin' Out Wins Isthmus "Bridge
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Timothy Radelet Retires as Movin' Out Director

Jean MacCubbin, President of the Board of Directors of Movin' Out, Inc. announced that Amy Wedekind Kallas has been appointed as the Interim Director of Movin' Out, Inc. She replaces Timothy Radelet who retires after serving as the Executive Director for the past three years.


2016 Movin' Out
Annual Report


Home Buyer Education Classes

Movin’ Out, a HUD Certified Housing Counseling Agency, in partnership with Home Buyers Round Table, provides home buyer education required for down payment assistance programs.

With 7 hours of classroom instruction presented by industry experts, as well as individual counseling with certified housing counselors, this program prepares you for a successful home search and purchase experience. More...

Disability Rights Wisconsin Honors Movin’ Out

On October 5, 2015, Disability Rights Wisconsin named both Movin’ Out and its Executive Director Emeritus, Howard Mandeville, Silver Winners of the Spirit of the ADA Awards. The awards celebrate the Americans with Disabilities Act, which was adopted by Congress 25 years ago. Movin’ Out was awarded in the Access & Accommodations category and Howard in the Individual Champions category. See Spirit of the ADA award on the Disability Rights Wisconsin webpage.


Arcand Award Winners

Five pioneering affordable housing advocates: Kate Kruger, Larry Gleasman, Judy Wilcox, Doris and Gordon Knaack, and James P. Carter were honored recently by Movin’ Out with Arcand Awards. These awards are named to recognize the leadership of Maureen Arcand, a former Movin’ Out board member, former Dane County Board Supervisor, and lifetime disability and housing advocate.


Rosemary Crump & Family - FHLBC Award Winners!

Last Tuesday, the Federal Home Loan Bank of Chicago held a regional meeting of its member institutions in Madison. During lunch that day the bank presented its Community First Awards. The award for Emerging Leader went to Rosemary Crump and her spouse, Phillip Haddix, in recognition of their successful achievement of working with many partners to reach the goal of their sons, Ricci Haddix and Marques Crump, purchasing their very own condominium unit and for all the other work they both do in assisting people with disabilities. more...

"This project is an excellent example of a strong joint venture between the nonprofit and for-profit world," said Dave Porterfield, real estate developer for Movin' Out. "The financing from IFF, along with its support in accessing Affordable Housing Program grant funds, was a key ingredient to the project's success."

Read more at the Illinois Facilities Fund InSite magazine. (scroll down)

Watertown's Globe Apartments increases supportive living options in SE Wisconsin

The September 4 grand opening for Globe Apartments in Watertown celebrated a new resource for low-income families in the southeast Wisconsin community. The development consists of 48 two- and three-bedroom apartments, with 12 units set aside for people with disabilities who will receive long-term supportive services from a partnership between Care Wisconsin, Inc., and Movin’ Out. The Illinois Facilities Fund provided a $1.2 million loan to Globe Apartments, LLC, to build a multifamily affordable housing rental development and sponsored a successful application for a $345,000 affordable housing program grant from the Federal Home Loan Bank of Chicago.

Globe Apartments, LLC, consists of Movin' Out and two developers, Antach and Horizon Development and Construction. Other funding sources include a HOME loan, city tax increment financing funds, and Low Income Housing Tax Credit equity.

Own your home in Milwaukee County

The Milwaukee Movin’ Out Home Buyer Program is a new home buyer assistance resource, now available to first-time home buyers with low incomes seeking to purchase in a Milwaukee County community. Down payment assistance funds are available to households purchasing in most Milwaukee County communities other than the City of Milwaukee. The program targets home ownership for households that include a household member with a permanent disability. Movin' Out will provide information, help prospective home owners develop a housing plan, and provide no-interest deferred loans that can help reduce the amount borrowed in the first mortgage.

Here is more information.

Home Buying with the
Help of a Trust

Learn the many ways to use a supplemental needs trust to shelter funds saved to cover many home purchase, maintenance, and housing costs while preserving eligibility for SSI and other benefits. For people who are currently beneficiaries of such a trust, learn how your assets can enable you to achieve the stability and autonomy of home ownership. For parents and other family members, here is a source of information and inspiration to start planning for the future of your family member with a disability.

Join us on September 24, 5:30 pm, at United Way, 2059 Atwood, 3rd Floor.

RSVP 268-6006 x207.



If I had my own home…

86 Milwaukeeans with disabilities shared their insights with Movin' Out regarding how their housing could improve and the impact stable housing has on their lives. Affordability, accessibility and safety are big issues, as is the desire to live in ordinary housing integrated into regular neighborhoods—not residential placements that concentrate people with disabilities and set them apart from the rest of the population. Milwaukee County commissioned Movin' Out to organize a series of focus groups to capture first-person statements of people with disabilities when asked to comment on their housing preferences.

The focus group findings are summarized in the report, If I had My Own Home: A Housing Preference Study, prepared by Howard Mandeville





Movin' Out helps develop Royster Corners housing project

The Royster Corners redevelopment on Madison’s east side may finally break ground after developers landed $780,000 in affordable housing tax credits.
The Wisconsin Housing and Economic Development Authority (WHEDA) this week announced the credits, which will be used to finance 70 new apartments in the “Dempsey Place” project on Cottage Grove Road.
The $11.7 million housing project — part of the broader 27-acre redevelopment of the former Royster Clark fertilizer factory — is being co-developed by Stone House Development and Movin’ Out Madison, a non-profit housing provider.

from the Madison Capital Times




Movin' Out’s “triple bottom line” project in Waunakee

“This project represents a great example of a national trend toward local investing,” said Howard Mandeville, executive director of Movin’ Out. “Since planning began on this project, other communities who have learned of it have expressed interest in seeing this happen in their towns.”
Read more in the Wisconsin State Journal

Channel 3000 notes Movin' Outís leadership in inclusive housing.

WISC TV of Madison "supports the successful efforts of a group that finds solutions for people with disabilities and their families."

Isthmus Indie Awards 2013: Bridge Builder --
Howard Mandeville, Movin' Out

Movin Out has won the Isthmus Bridge Builder award for "Bringing together people with different points of view to effect positive change."

Stepbrothers, both with brain injuries, are now homeowners

Two men who sustained traumatic brain injuries as children are now home owners   Two step brothers in Milwaukee purchased their own accessible home, with the vision and advocacy of their parents and the support of a dedicated caregiving team.  Movin' Out housing counselor, Paula Tiffany, developed a housing plan and secured the down payment assistance to make the home affordable.  The IRIS long term support program provides a budget for day to day caregiving directed by the two men and their parents.
Story and video from FOX6.com, Milwaukee

Marques Crump and Ricci Haddix each sustained traumatic brain injuries when they were 10 years old. Both had repeated seizures and a diagnosis of encephalitis. The boys each ended up having surgery to remove a small portion of their brain to reduce the amount of seizures.

Then, tragically, both Ricci’s mother and Marques’ father died of cancer. Through it all, the Crump and Haddix families supported one another. Now, as single parents, and sole providers, Ricci’s father Phil and Marques’ mother Rosemary chose a group home setting for their now young men. The men are 37 years old, and homeowners!

Low-income disabled tenants have new home, thanks to generous gift

Madison resident Scott Sneve never let his disabilities limit his vision of the future. So when he died, on March 7, 2012, at age 57, the decision of what to do with his house was already long made — he would donate it, to help others with disabilities enjoy the comfort and independence he did owning his own home in the 800 block of Troy Drive, Madison.
Scott's Story from the Wisconsin State Journal

Roberto Ramirez Jr., left, with caretaker Zachary Hoff, talks about the posters in his room during a tour of the home he rents on the North Side of Madison.

Roberto has been living there since 2006, when Sneve took him in as a rent-paying house mate to help with the mortgage after his wife died. Part of Sneve's plan required that Ramirez, who has physical and cognitive limitations, not be displaced, so he can stay in the home as a renter as long as he wants.

Donate your vehicle and get a tax deduction...

Movin' Out can now accept the proceeds from a donated vehicle from anyplace in the country. Vehicles are picked up free of charge at your home, office, dealership or repair shop! Your vehicle can be running or not. You don't even need to be home when the vehicle is towed. Our vehicle donation program is made possible through our partnership with Donate For Charity.

Donate For Charity
(866) 392-4483


Donate on-line at their website:


download pdf of details

By donating your vehicle to Movin' Out:

• This money helps us to continue supporting people with disabilities who have housing needs.

• You receive auction sales price of your vehicle as a tax deduction, or $500, whichever is the greater amount. The money from these sales can be a significant contribution to our work.

• You avoid the possibility of receiving a low trade-in value from a dealer, the anxiety and hassle of selling to a private-party, and the program allows you a way to provide money to Movin' Out even if your vehicle has mechanical problems. If you decide to donate your vehicle.

If you decide to donate your vehicle:

• It will be picked up free of charge anywhere and you don’t have to be present.

• Many of our auction yards have bidders competing from all over the world so we are able to get high wholesale prices for even non-running cars.  Older model cars are picked up by our nationwide salvage yards.

Even in bad economy home ownership still offers
sustainability and belonging

The economic slump and its outsized impact on home sales and mortgage lending have led some opinion leaders to question the value of home ownership, especially for first time home buyers with low to moderate income. Movin' Out home owners have another story to tell: a story that reinforces the idea that home ownership still offers sustainability and belonging. Here is one Movin' Out homeowner’s story:

family“When our son was diagnosed with autism seven years ago, the plan we'd had for our lives was derailed. In the years since then we have devoted every spare penny and all our time to helping him realize his full potential. With very little savings and only one moderate income we gave up on our dream of owning a home and having a back yard in which our son could play. We struggled to find room for all of his therapy equipment in the rentals we could afford.

Then we were referred to Movin' Out. Through the wonderful support and guidance of a Movin' Out Housing Counselor and the well-organized process Movin' Out has established, we made our way through the steps of finding a home in which to raise our boy. We have lived in and loved our home for over a year and feel grateful every day for the opportunity. The folks at Movin' Out worked a small miracle in piecing together multiple funding sources for us. They helped us prepare for the responsibility we were taking on in buying a house. They offered encouragement, practical and emotional support, and celebrated with us when the keys were in our hand.

It was a really amazing thing to find and work with an organization whose mission is to bring about such a profound change in the lives of people with disabilities and their families. The gifts of roots, comfort, and building a place in our community are beyond description. We would never have known these if not for Movin' Out.”