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Movin' Out Seeks Executive Director

Movin' Out Executive Director
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Movin' Out Wins Isthmus "Bridge
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Step Brothers Now Homeowners

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Even in a Bad Economy Home Ownership Offers Sustainability and Belonging

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In partnership with people with disabilities and their allies, we create and sustain community-integrated, safe, affordable housing solutions.

Movin' Out offers housing counseling to help household members with the development of a plan to reach their housing goals.

Housing counselors assist people with disabilities and their families throughout Wisconsin to match up what’s affordable and attainable given their specific situation and their desires.

Movin’ Out provides programs for people with disabilities that make housing choices more viable. These include

  1. Gap financing for down payment assistance toward home ownership
  2. Rehab funds for owner occupied housing
  3. Development and management of affordable rental housing.

The Board of Directors and the staff of Movin’ Out, Inc. are honored to have the opportunity to contribute to the creation of stronger communities by supporting individuals with disabilities and their families to live in safe, affordable housing.

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