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Jean McCubbin

Sinikka Santala
Vice President

Jake Johnson
Treasurer, Finance Committee

Howard Cagle
Finance Committee, 811 Boards

Valerie Brown

Sandra Butts

Sariah Daine

Ed Erwin

Karyn Knaak

Timothy Olp

Cheryl Schiltz

Peter Wilson

Movin'Out Staff

Kathryne Auerback
Executive Director

Sara Hurley
Paula Tiffany
Rebecca Wiese

Housing Counselors

Mary Myers
Rental Property Coordinator

Dave Porterfield
Housing Development

Amy Wedekind Kallas
Associate Director

André Brown
Administrative Support

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What We Do

Movin' Out provides a range of housing solutions to adults with disabilities and to families that include children with disabilities.

Movin' Out’s Mission: Movin' Out, in partnership with people with disabilities and their allies, creates and sustains community-integrated, safe, affordable housing solutions.

Movin' Out, Inc. provides information and resources covering a wide range of housing options to Wisconsin households that include a family member with a permanent disability.

Information: Movin' Out housing counselors manage a wealth of information and can provide information and referral to resources covering a wide range of housing issues including home ownership, home owner rehab, rental, fair housing, and accessibility. Contact a housing counselor at or 877 861 6746 x7.

Housing Counseling and Home Ownership: Movin' Out helps low-income people with disabilities purchase their own homes by providing tailored housing counseling and an individualized housing plan. For many home buyers, Movin' Out can line up sources of down payment subsidies in the form of deferred loans. Movin' Out helps current home owners plan accessibility, health, and safety modifications and provides funding to carry out the plan.

Home Buyers Education: Movin’ Out, a HUD Certified Housing Counseling Agency, in partnership with Home Buyers Round Table, provides home buyer education required for down payment assistance programs. With 7 hours of classroom instruction presented by industry experts, as well as individual counseling with certified housing counselors, this program prepares you for a successful home search and purchase experience. Content experts teach you about: credit, money management, down payment assistance, mortgage lending, real estate, home inspection, home insurance, closing documents and procedures. Upon successful completion of the class, participant will receive a conditional certificate of completion. Then when the participant purchases a home, a full certificate of completion will be awarded.

Rental: For many people with disabilities, finding a way to sustain affordable rental housing may be the best housing solution. Movin' Out operates a rental program offering individualized accessibility modifications, as needed, for low-income tenants with disabilities eligible for long term support services.

Housing Development: Movin' Out develops new community-integrated housing, owner-occupied or rental, often in partnership with other developers. Movin' Out leverages subsidies to include units affordable to low-income households and affirmatively markets these to people with disabilities who rely on long term support services.

Who is eligible for assistance from Movin' Out?

Income status: Movin’ Out, Inc. provides training, information and referral, and housing counseling regardless of income, as its resources allow. Movin’ Out, Inc. provides home ownership and rental resources to households with low income, as defined in HUD and IRS regulations.

Disability Status: Movin’ Out, Inc. assists people who have permanent developmental, physical, sensory, medical or mental health disabilities, or a combination of impairments, that make them eligible for long term care services.

What's New

Consolidated Statement of Financial Position as of December 31, 2016

The Movin' Out
2016 Annual Report

How We Began

In 1992 a group of parents got together to address a common concern. Rather than relying on group homes or other impersonal facilities, they wanted their young adult children with disabilities to move into their own homes, preferably homes the young men and women could own. Finding no organization prepared to assist them, these parents decided to achieve their goal on their own.

Over the years, the organization they founded, Movin’ Out, Inc., has compiled an impressive record of success in helping people with permanent disabilities, and their families, find and maintain housing of their choice in communities throughout Wisconsin.

Brittany Romine at Elven Sted.
Learn how Brittany Romine started the Tiger Lily Seed Company with help from Movin' Out and others.



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