32 new apartments available in October 2011

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Elven Sted

Elven Sted provides affordable, good quality housing that welcomes a range of households, including:

Some units are built to the highest standards of accessibility. The site is graded to optimize walker and wheelchair use. Anyone can visit the Elven Sted apartments, including people who use mobility devices.

Apartment rents are set to be affordable for working households. Household income cannot exceed 60% county median income.

The grounds feature community vegetable gardens in raised beds and a rain garden with plant species that will mitigate storm water runoff into river and add beauty to the landscape.

Great location


Committed to sustainability

Affordable rent, yet plenty of space

Elven Sted has been designed to provide lots of living space, yet rents
are very affordable. Contact the Elven Sted property manager, 608/541-8844, who will calculate rent for available units you are interested in, based on household size and income.

Income restrictions apply

Elven Sted is being built by a non-profit organization, Movin’ Out Inc, and is financed using affordable housing tax credits. Movin’ Out is using this financial assistance to reduce the cost of building the project, allowing us to charge lower rents to tenants who are income-qualified.

The tax credit program mentioned above requires that all tenants verify their household annual income when they apply, and each year thereafter.

To apply call ACC Management Company at 608-541-8844